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Augustus Sol Invictus for Senate

The most dangerous Libertarian in America.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would not be where I am if my own Party hated me. There is indeed a select faction of the Libertarian Party that would like to see me ruined, imprisoned, and/or dead — but that faction certainly does not speak for all Libertarians.

It is the faction that wants a seat at the table with the Republicans and Democrats that hates me for trying to overturn the table before they get their fancy meals.

It is the faction that uses the slimy, underhanded tactics of the Republicans and Democrats that hates me for calling them out on it.

It is the faction that wants to be “respectable” in the eyes of the mainstream media that hates me for naming the mainstream media as the enemy of the American people.

There is indeed a faction in the Libertarian Party as corrupt as any cabal of Republicans and Democrats. That faction does hate me — and I wear it as a badge of honor.

In the Middle Ages, Jews were accused of being devil worshipers who kidnaped Christian children and sacrificed them for their blood. This outrageous “blood libel” against Jews is today seen as barbaric bigotry; but when the same sort of “blood libel” is used against a Pagan, everyone on the internet swallows it whole.

The blood libel against me has been perpetuated by the aforementioned faction of the Libertarian Party. Last September, the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida tried to blackmail me into leaving the Party.

screenshot of Adrian Willey's threats

I refused to do this, and so he slandered me to the media with a laundry list of accusations, the most sensational of which was that I had “brutally and sadistically dismembered a goat” and drank its blood.

Since that moment, I have had to explain to Libertarians and Pagans alike the untruth of the report. And since that time, the former Chair has seen fit to embellish his stories and compound falsehood upon falsehood, such that I now stand accused of raping and murdering throughout Latin America, along with various unnamable villainies here in the United States. The entire episode is literally insane, and yet the corrupt faction of the Libertarian Party still perpetuates the slander.

The fact is that I did sacrifice a goat to the God of the Wilderness a few years back. I had undertaken a pilgrimage in which I walked from my hometown of Orlando, Florida to the Mojave Desert in California. I then went into the desert to pray and fast for seven days. I did not expect to make it out alive, but I did. Then I went inside the Grand Canyon to pray and fast, and then to the Kaibab Forest. I was suburb-&-city-raised and had no survivalist training whatsoever; so to be brought through the ordeal alive was something worthy of thanksgiving. So when I returned to Florida, I made the sacrifice. There was no more brutality than that used by American grocers every year in preparing Thanksgiving Day turkeys.

I am unapologetic about being a Pagan. My practices are in forests & temples, not in cathedrals. But a discerning mind should be used when outrageous stories are told about my religious worship.

This is based on an article I wrote while in law school, which did in fact promote state-sponsored eugenics programs. I have repudiated this paper publicly more times than I can count, and yet a malicious faction of the Libertarian Party insists on repeating a charge they know to be a lie.

Having worked in the legal profession and having now firsthand knowledge of the political system, my view on eugenics has changed since the days I was a student. I still believe that the strong and intelligent should breed and that the weak and stupid should not. But having met the people in government and having gained a practical understanding of the legal system, it is clear to me that we cannot trust the government to implement such programs.

Go ahead: read the article and the disclaimer explaining my position in full, if you wish.

Seriously, though, this is a picture of me with my children:

The people who call me a white supremacist are bold faced liars. I am a nationalist, and I am unapologetic about being an intelligent, able-bodied, heterosexual, white male. I support the right of Europeans to keep their homeland European, and I am a vehement opponent of globalism. Charges of white supremacy, neo-Nazism, racism, and all the rest are pejorative labels thrown by leftists who cannot argue rationally against my positions.

People across the worldwide web have tried to pin my accent as an impersonation of JFK or Bane; as Southern or mid-Atlantic; as foreign; as just plain made up. The fact is that the accent you hear in my formal addresses is my real accent. It is the accent I have when reading a book or yelling in traffic. I have studied Latin, French, Spanish, and Italian. I have dabbled in German, Greek, and Hebrew. I have lived in the Southwest, the Midwest, and the South. I have traveled throughout North America and to several places in Europe. When you have had to adapt to as many languages as I have, your accent becomes muddled. That’s all the mystery there is to it.

I prefer authenticity to pandering. Surely I would be far more successful if I spoke like the other politicians, used their buzzwords, dodged questions, and all else. Your insistence on voting for those professional politicians makes you a sucker. If profanity bothers you that much, vote for them, and help our country go down the shitter that much faster. If the self-destruction of our country by professional politicians bothers you more than aggressive language, then vote for me.

The Federal Government has been waging a war upon its citizens since before I was even born. I openly encourage My Fellow Americans to arm themselves and to prepare for war against our oppressors. Here are several speeches elaborating upon this position:

On Fighting Against the Government:

On the War on Terror:

On Naming Our Enemies:

On the Possibility of Revolution:

Transcript from the Florida Speaking Tour, May 2016

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