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Campaign Highlights


Keon Antonio Grayson, Community Councilman-elect, Miami-Dade County

James Chillemi, Liberty Hangout

Justin Moldow, Liberty Hangout

Max Dickstein, American Third Party Report

Bill Wohlsifer, Attorney at-Law and former candidate for Attorney General

Christopher Cantwell, Radical Agenda

C. Burt Linthicum, Partner-in-Charge (Audit), Garcia & Ortiz, St. Petersburg.

Scott D. Nicholson, iPatriot

Jote’ Thompson, Libertarian Party of Florida

Steve Scheetz, Former Chair, Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

William Saturn, from the Saturnalian

The Campaign Has Ended

Thank you for all your moral and financial support!

Final campaign message from Augustus Invictus (post-primary):

Fear not, my friends! For we are at the beginning! Tonight we have lost an election—but the election was never the end goal. This is what our detractors have never understood. In their short-sightedness they have sold their souls to maintain control over the Party. They have, through slander & defamation, through blackmail & blacklisting, won this primary election—and in doing so, they have sacrificed their integrity.

I have insisted on following the virtuous path throughout this campaign. We have told the truth; we have campaigned on the issues; we have stood for what is right; and I now stand proud knowing that our conduct has been ethical, even if it cost us the election. As I have stated repeatedly, history will judge the conduct of both sides of this election; and from the long-term perspective, this campaign has tonight achieved absolute victory.

I would like to point out to you seven reasons this electoral defeat is in reality a victory ...

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Fireside Chats

Fireside chats expressed the true substance of the Invictus campaign platform, exploring current issues of vital concern to the future of western civilization.

Final Fireside Chat of 2016: On the Lukewarm 28 August 2016

Full Fireside Chat archive

What's Next?

Augustus Invictus will be at Liberty Fest 2016

Catch Augustus at Liberty Fest in New York City, September 10th! Visit LFNYC.COM for event details.

Campaign Transcripts

The Possibility of Revolution

Full transcripts of all speeches from the Florida State tour, May 2016. If you are looking to understand the core of our campaign, we recommend reading these.

The Complete Fireside Chat Transcripts

All of Augustus Invictus' Fireside Chats from 2015 through Independence Day, 2016. If you are looking to understand the deeper soul of our campaign, read these or listen to the Fireside Chats.

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