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Augustus Sol Invictus for Senate

The most dangerous Libertarian in America.

Declaration of the Failings of Federal Government

  1. The Federal Government has abdicated its power over the creation & implementation of legislation, having handed it to special interest groups.
  2. It has allowed Money to usurp the role of Law.
  3. It has waged wars on foreign lands to the great detriment of the American people and to the people of the World. What is distant to the American public was not so distant to Serbia, to Iraq, or to Pakistan.
  4. It has provided the illegitimate State of Israel with countless billions of dollars in financial aid, weaponry, and military force, to the great detriment of the American people and to the people of the World.
  5. It has tread upon the people it would feign to serve, having handed the rights of the Citizen to the corporations.
  6. It has allowed corruption to eat away at its systems like acid, such that honest men may no longer become involved with American Government, lest they lose their souls.
  7. It has allowed the electoral systems to become governed by money & special interests, rather than by the will of the electorate. Candidates are no longer men chosen to represent the community: they are products to be marketed.
  8. It has allowed unrestrained immigration for three generations, to the great detriment of the American people & of the land. Our forefathers came as conquerors: the immigrants of today come as parasites.
  9. It has allowed the face of the earth to be desecrated with pollutants & artificialities, with plastics & asphalt, with strip malls & parking lots. No Government in history has profited so greatly from such reckless irresponsibility.
  10. It has allowed the Judiciary to be governed not by the will of the Judiciary but by the will of the Media.
  11. It has allowed the Media to become a veritable Leviathan, calling “freedom of the press” what is merely the unaccountable influence of money over the minds of an ignorant public.
  12. It has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent out swarms of bureaucrats to harass the people, and eat out their substance.
  13. It has combined with other governments to subject us to jurisdictions foreign to our Constitution: UN, NATO, NAFTA, et cetera.
  14. It has imposed laws & taxes upon its Citizenry, calling “consent” what was coerced assent, the pacified silence of a people threatened by starvation or imprisonment should they stand against the tyranny of special interests.
  15. It has abdicated Government here by declaring us “terrorists,” “extremists,” and “enemy combatants” and waging War against us, its own Citizens.
  16. It has plundered our seas by handing them to corporations; ravaged our Coasts with pollution; plagued our towns with regulations paid for by special interests; and destroyed the lives of our people.
  17. It is at this time transporting large armies of foreign mercenaries to complete the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy of the Government of a civilized nation.
  18. It has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, called them “riots,” and shamed us for our “intolerance” and “lack of charity.”
  19. It has allowed the degradation of our ancestral Holy Days in the name of Tolerance, demeaning Christian Rites for fear of the Jews. Where Nativity scenes are allowed, there must stand a menorah of equal visibility.
  20. It has allowed the Media to poison the minds of the American People, who would seek only peace between themselves and the Muslim world, save for the Media’s constant decrial of “savagery” and “terrorism,” labels given to the actions of those spiritual & religious persons sick of & enraged by the artificial world created by the Federal Government and the special interests controlling it.
  21. It has allowed the Federal Reserve to bring the country to ruin and has allowed those persons running that criminal institution to profit greatly thereby.
  22. It has allowed so-called development upon the earth such that the Wilderness hardly exists any longer. Where National Parks have been created, there have roads been paved for the admission of thousands of tourists. Where no law preserves the land, the forests merely await the coming urban sprawl.
  23. It has established laws to protect at any cost the survival of the weakest of the Citizenry, having forsaken the first duty of Government: the welfare of the People.
  24. It has promoted with great vehemence the doctrines of mass democracy, blind tolerance, and mandatory guilt for decades upon decades, such that the individual Citizen is expected to worship the lowest of humanity and abandon any inclinations he may have toward elitism.
  25. It has abandoned its moral imperatives to protect the people and promoted a decadent ideology, implementing programs intended to breed weakness, stupidity and disease.
  26. It has allowed & encouraged the destruction of wildlife habitats in favor of this ever-teeming, ever-expanding population of Untouchable Americans, providing federal funding for the “development” of the land and the raising of apartment complexes, shopping malls, and fast food restaurants.
  27. It has promoted the defamation of our country’s greatest heroes in our children’s classrooms, such as Columbus, the great mariner, a man of vision & bravery, now regarded as a genocidal maniac, and Jefferson, the polymath statesman & great promoter of freedom, known now as the degenerate slave rapist.
  28. It has promoted in those same classrooms the idolatrous worship of a different breed of lesser men, such as Alex Haley, who made a fortune by conning the country into sympathy when he plagiarized a novel and passed it off as fact, and Martin Luther King, Jr., whose FBI files are still under seal for the embarrassment it would cause all those persons profiting from his civil sainthood.
  29. It has waged a War on Drugs for its own monetary profit and for the monetary profit of State law enforcement, allowing the criminal bands of the Drug Enforcement Agency and all other narcotics agencies to ruin the lives of millions of the Citizenry.
  30. It has allowed the expansion of the power of the Internal Revenue Service, so that no man, woman, or child may escape its greedy clutches.
  31. It has sought to establish a secular religion based upon mass democracy, absolute social equality, and the sanctity of bureaucracy. The Constitution is its Holy Scripture, the lawyers its priesthood, the “civil rights leaders” its saints & prophets.
  32. It has sought to prohibit the ownership of firearms by law-abiding Citizens, farcically citing the violent actions of slaves’ descendants as justification therefore.
  33. It has sought to fund wars for the benefit of oil companies & Israel by taxing the American Citizenry.
  34. It has sought to invade the privacy of the Citizenry under the pretext of protecting the people.
  35. It has sought to violate the requirements of due process of law to such a degree & in so many varied circumstances that it would require an Aeon to list them.
  36. It has sought to perpetuate a failed legal system that condemns the sale of narcotics but allows pedophiles to walk free.
  37. It has sought to swindle the Citizenry with the establishment of a convoluted, many-tiered system of courts that creates the illusion of oversight but which only serves to masturbate the egos of five thousand petty judges & magistrates hell-bent on demonstrating their erudition & scholarship in this ridiculous legal system.
  38. It has sought to inflict cruel & unusual punishments upon the Citizenry & upon the people of the World, both in & out of the courtroom.
  39. It has sought to define the rights of the People as ‘what the Federal Government will allow’.
  40. It has sought to annihilate the rights of the States by diminishing what were once sovereign entities until they might become mere administrative districts.
  41. It has sought to conquer nations by use of its wealth but has refused the primary justification of conquest and the primary responsibility of the conqueror: just government of the conquered.
  42. It has allowed the destruction of communities by encouraging urban sprawl and a culture of technological obsession.
  43. It has allowed catastrophic deforestation, water & air pollution, and natural resource wastage in the Holy Names of Progress, Industry, & Profit.
  44. It has allowed the national debt to grow to an amount absolutely unfathomable to all but mathematicians, a debt that can only be paid by generations to come, if it can ever be paid at all.
  45. It has provided billions upon billions of dollars in financial aid to the Third World, helping them not to improve their quality of life but to breed more children dependent on foreign aid.
  46. It has colluded with US Corporations in robbing the resources of Latin America, thereby keeping the region in poverty rather than engaging in honest dealings with our neighbors.
  47. It has allowed the expansion of the powers of the DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, et alia, such that the Citizenry have cause to wonder whether it is the beneficiary of a just Government concerned for the safety of the people – or a conquered populace subject to the tyranny of an unjust Government that must have recourse to force once it is realized by the people just how monstrous its oppressors have become.
  48. It has effectively disrupted space exploration, cutting funds to NASA in order to throw more money at such practical things as creating more roads, more bridges, and more airports.
  49. It has allowed the rampant growth of the power of pharmaceutical companies, which have usurped much of the role of the FDA and which push worse drugs onto the populace with greater force & more sinister intent than any Mexican cartel.
  50. It has allowed corporations to poison the food & water.
  51. It has sought to keep us weak, stupid, & impotent.
  52. It has sought to keep us hobbled by its bureaucratic laws & smokescreen social issues.
  53. It has sought to keep us in subjection to special interests.
  54. It has sought to keep us enslaved to Money, which master promises both comfort & convenience at the mere price of a soul.
  55. It has sought to keep us from the truth: that the Federal Government has become the greatest Enemy to the welfare of America and the World.

Copyright ©2015 Augustus Sol Invictus for Senate