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Augustus Sol Invictus for Senate

The most dangerous Libertarian in America.

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July 27, 2016


Orlando—When Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate, Augustus Invictus, inquired of his opponent Paul Stanton to denounce a death threat against him issued by Charles Peralo, Peralo, who endorsed Stanton, reported the post to Facebook.

“Facebook banned me, not Peralo, for three days,” said Invictus. “I reported the erroneous ban to Facebook four times, and instead of lifting the ban, they simply took away the option for me to report it anymore.” Yesterday, the Stanton campaign, once again, complained to Facebook and Facebook in turn has banned him from Facebook for the next seven days, he said.

“Stanton reported a meme criticizing him for condemning violence while repeatedly harping on his military service,” said Invictus. “The Stanton campaign has declined comment, yet he defends the censorship on Twitter.” He cannot have it both ways, said Invictus.

“Stanton has right refused to debate me for the entirety of his campaign,” he added. “He even failed to show up to a scheduled debate during the National Convention of the Libertarian Party in Orlando. He has now gone from trying to ignore our campaign to attempting to outright silence it by appealing to Facebook to censor us on social media.”

For Immediate Release

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July 26, 2016


Miami—Candidate for U.S. Senate, Libertarian Augustus Invictus said the War on Drugs has eroded our system of laws and militarized our police. “The criminal justice system — at the local, State and federal levels — has been warped beyond recognition,” he said. “Criminal justice reform is essential to restoring the vision of our Founding Fathers and recreating a just society.”

On Fri. July 29, the Invictus campaign will reveal its criminal justice reform platform in Miami at John Martin’s Irish Pub, located at 253 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables at 7:00 pm. Miami-Dade Councilman-elect Keon Antonio Grayson, who is scheduled to speak, said reform is needed to combat well-known corruption and install accountability at all levels within the criminal justice system.

“We need this reform for those who are stuck in the system – to law enforcement and penitentiaries who are making money off of our citizens in Miami, the whole state, and likely the whole country,” said Grayson. “Mr. Invictus and I have collaborated on a reform plan that protects individuals from heavy-handed government.”

While he expects to gain many enemies for this platform, Invictus said reform is needed to restore civil liberties and restrict the powers of government as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

“Countless billions of dollars are spent each year fighting the so-called drug war,” said the criminal defense attorney. “From the private prison system, the law enforcement agencies, the lawyers, the court-ordered programs: everyone is looking to lose a lot of money with a reform platform like ours.”

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July 22, 2016


Tampa—Founded in Feb. 2015, Justin Moldow set the course to gather Libertarians on multiple platforms to discuss Libertarian philosophy, politics, history and culture. Just last year he built 30,000 followers on Facebook, 5,000 on Twitter, and 500 on YouTube with the creation of Liberty Hangout.

“I am endorsing Augustus Invictus because I believe that in the current nature of politics in the United States of America, we need a real Libertarian voice in the Senate to fight back at the hands of tyranny,” said Moldow. “There’s no man better suited for that job than Augustus Invictus.”

All voters in Florida’s historic primary on Aug. 30 must register to vote with the Libertarian Party by the deadline of Aug. 1. Moldow said he offered to host a primary debate between Augustus Invictus and Paul Stanton on Liberty Hangout podcast, but Stanton did not respond.

“If the Libertarian Party of Florida is going to put up a candidate to challenge Rubio, they want to make sure it’s the guy who can package the Libertarian message together best,” he said. “Augustus packages that message really well.”

A live debate at this juncture is justified, he said. “Let the better man win.”

“My offer to Stanton remains open to actually debate Augustus on the Liberty Hangout Podcast—whenever he wants.”

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July 20, 2016


Tampa—“A United States Senator has no greater domestic prerogative than abolishing the Federal Reserve,” said Libertarian Augustus Invictus, Candidate for U.S. Senate. “The Federal Reserve is an illegal banking cartel that set itself up as a fourth branch of government in the early 20th century. It has subverted our federal legislature and wrecked our national economy.”

Signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson, the 1913 Federal Reserve Act established the Federal Reserve – a central banking system of the United States with the authority to issue reserve notes, or Dollars.

Today, the Federal Reserve is enabling out of control spending by monetizing the debt, said C. Burt Linthicum, Partner-in-Charge of the audit practice for Garcia & Ortiz, a CPA firm in St. Petersburg. When foreign institutions stopped purchasing Treasury bonds, he said the central bank began purchasing the loans themselves. “It is basically conjuring money out of thin air and spending it.” Each time the “not really federal with no reserve” creates money it debases the value, said the former Constitution Party candidate.

“They manipulate the buying power of money that we ‘sheep’ had to actually work for,” he added. “Government in general meddles in my life, but the Federal Reserve is the biggest threat to my life, liberty and property.” The time for deliberate and brutal representation on the senate floor is here, said Linthicum, who served as campaign treasurer for 2014 Libertarian candidate for governor, Adrian Wyllie.

“Invictus is the best we got,” he said. “He has my endorsement.” While it was unfortunate Wyllie resigned as chair of the LP last year in protest over the candidacy of Augustus Invictus, the Tampa native said he is very satisfied with his choice. “Like him or hate him, one cannot deny that Invictus will give them hell.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Mr. Linthicum,” said Invictus. “He having been a senatorial candidate at the State level, Mr. Linthicum’s advice has always carried great weight for me.”

PLEASE NOTE: All voters in Florida’s historic primary on Aug. 30 must register to vote with the Libertarian Party by the deadline of Aug. 1.

Quote by Jefferson about banking

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July 18, 2016


Tallahassee—“Augustus Invictus is everything the Libertarian Party has always wanted,” said William R. Wohlsifer, the first Libertarian candidate to run for Attorney General in 2014. “He is the voice honest political discourse has been lacking.”

Wohlsifer, who is the author of the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, said he left the Libertarian Party last year because of his distrust of political parties. “The Libertarian Party became so heavily ingrained in advocating against the two-party system in favor of a three-party system, I couldn’t endorse them anymore.”

However, he recently returned to the party with one purpose, he said. “I only have one vote and I have to give it to Augustus Invictus.” All voters in Florida’s historic primary on Aug. 30 must register to vote with the Libertarian Party by the deadline of July 31.

Wohlsifer, who is calling for an in-depth debate between the two Libertarian candidates, said there is so much Invictus can bring to the table. “Augustus is fully informed, doesn’t yield to pressure and refuses to compromise his values,” said the Tallahassee lawyer. “His command of language, both written and spoken, is extraordinary.”

When Invictus commenced his campaign for U.S. Senate last year, Wohlsifer said he was highly impressed. “I said ‘Wow’ this is what the Libertarian Party of Florida needs.” Even if Invictus was a little extreme on some of the issues, he said the party failed to shape and assist a fellow Libertarian in his endeavor to be a U.S. Senator. “Fear of being demonized in the media persuaded them to kick Augustus to the curb; I was very offended by that.”

Wohlsifer said he could not believe that some in the party did not recognize Invictus’ brilliance. “I thought since I had received 180,000 votes as a candidate in the state of Florida, some people would have trusted my judgment.”

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July 11, 2016


Miami-Dade—Libertarian Councilman-elect Keon Antonio Grayson garnishes a win for Libertarians in a Special Election for Community Council in Miami-Dade last month. The group of ten elected officials on the council will represent the unincorporated sections of the county.

Grayson, who is a Navy Veteran, said when he saw the attacks being made on Libertarian Augustus Invictus, Candidate for U.S. Senate, he endeavored to see if those attacks were justified.

“They were not justified,” he concluded. “Entities and factions can disagree, but to cause uproar over personal instead of political differences is wrong.” Grayson said he wants the Libertarian Party to know that Invictus is not the villain his detractors have made him out to be.

“Augustus is well educated, well spoken, and polished,” he said. “He is a gentlemen and a scholar.”

Grayson, who is a full time student at Nova Southeastern University, urges all Florida Libertarians to vote for Augustus Invictus for U.S. Senate on Primary Day, Aug. 30, and again on Election Day, Nov. 8.

“It is a great honor to have the endorsement of Mr. Grayson,” said Augustus Invictus. “Libertarianism is very much a ground-up movement of the people, and elected officials like Councilman-elect Grayson are the true leaders of this groundswell.”

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June 22, 2016


Tallahassee – On the opening day for qualification to U.S. Senate ballot, Augustus Invictus was the first Libertarian Candidate to deliver by hand the filing fee in excess of $10,400 to the State Capitol on Monday.

“The financial burdens are always the worst problem for third party candidates,” said Invictus. “Ballot access was a major hurdle, and we all feel a great sense of accomplishment of having overcome it.”

Invictus said he is focused on victory in both the Aug. 30 primary and the Nov. 8 general election. He said in the coming months, he will challenge all opponents to public debate.

“I plan to win the primary, and then I will debate the winners of the Republican and Democratic primaries — assuming they have the stones to debate with a Libertarian in full view of the voting public.”

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June 13, 2016


Orlando – Forty-nine people were reportedly killed with over 50 injured in a one-man shooting spree at the Pulse, a GLBT night club in Orlando, early Sunday morning. “My sympathies are with the injured, the deceased, and the families of all, not as a politician but as an Orlandoan,” said Augustus Invictus, Candidate for U.S. Senate 2016.

“The first person I called when I learned of the shootings in my neighborhood this morning was my little brother, who happens to be a gay communist with whom I share absolutely no political views,” said the Orlando native. “He lives in England now, where he works in high fashion; but he used to frequent Pulse, and it’s better to be safe than sorry at any rate, since it isn’t every day our hometown is hit with a terrorist attack.”

The terrorist attack happened just a half mile from where Invictus went to high school; on the same street as his base of operations; and only two and a half miles from Thornton Park, he said.

“Now is not the time for cheap political talk,” said Invictus. “Now is the time to identify the dead, to see whether I know anyone among the casualties, to prepare for retaliation.” A trained, armed, and prepared public is our best proactive measure against terrorist attacks, he said. “I encourage every able-bodied adult to be armed at all times.”

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June 7, 2016


Orlando – “I regret to inform you that my opponent has backed out of our MMA fight by trying to turn it into a catered kickboxing match with headgear at a minor league wrestling show,” said U.S. Senate Candidate, Libertarian Augustus Sol Invictus. “I will not subject myself to any further dealings with Nathan, who has used this entire event to slander me while having no intention to fight me from the very beginning.”

When Bruce Nathan initially challenged Invictus to a Krav Maga match, Invictus, who had no experience in same, said he offered to train for three months to prepare. It was at that point, Invictus’ opponent proposed a Mixed Martial Arts fight instead.

“I was challenged to a fight, and honor demanded that I accept,” said Invictus. “By my recollection, however, I was not challenged to a sponsorship and fundraising competition, which I readily admit I would lose to even the most lethargic Girl Scout.” He was challenged to an MMA fight, not a kickboxing match with headgear and 14-ounce gloves, which is entirely different, he said.

“Nathan told me that the deposit for the venue was $200 for each of us. I called to make my payment, and I was told it was actually $865 for each of us. It took me a week and a half to come up with the remaining $665, which time Nathan spent accusing me of violating our agreement. Nathan also told me that the only other cost would be $325 each for the insurance. This has now changed to $1,500 each for insurance, catering, and a police detail.”

Nathan challenged the congress and its candidates to a fight because he assumed no one would accept, said Invictus. “It is clear that he has been trying to back out of the fight by pricing me out, and that these attacks on my character have been part of a deliberately manufactured ploy to make me look bad so that he can save face when the event falls through.”

Invictus said when he requested that Nathan honor the initial challenge to an MMA fight, Nathan refused in every respect to honor their original agreement. “It is a great disappointment to me, both personally and politically. I was hopeful that we could revive a bit of honor in politics by demonstrating what it means to uphold the ancient tradition of responding to a challenge from one man to another.”

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June 1, 2016


Orlando – U.S. Senate Candidate Augustus Sol Invictus continues to propose a debate with LP primary opponent, Paul Stanton, despite numerous failed attempts to engage him.

I will debate him anytime, anywhere. I can be in a ballroom with every member of the LPF, or it can be in a parking lot between the two of us and a cell phone camera. When he is ready to man up, I’ll be waiting."

He had no other choice but to confront Stanton “face-to-face” at the LP National Convention in Orlando to get an answer from his opponent directly, said Invictus. “We challenged him publicly, privately, by email, by phone, by public proclamation.” He said Stanton had ample time to prepare for the debate sponsored by LP Orange County, and had ample time to respond, yet made a mountain of excuses, instead.

Stanton said that charging admissions to a debate would constitute an illegal fundraiser. When I told him we would do the event 100 percent free, he refused on the grounds that it was scheduled at an inconvenient time. When I pointed out that we could have chosen a more convenient time if he had simply replied to us in the three weeks we tried to speak with him, he said he could not leave the convention because he was a delegate. When I said I was a delegate, too, he said he thought I was an alternate, so I had to show him my badge to prove it. In the end, he had no reason. He was just plain scared to debate me."

Debates are the entire reason for a Libertarian primary, said Invictus. “It allows voters to know there is a third choice, and it gets exposure for the Party all-around.” Libertarians are already left out of the major debates, he added. “Stanton’s refusal to debate defeats the entire purpose of a primary – unless, of course, Stanton is doing this for nothing more than name recognition.”

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May 11, 2016


Orlando – “I have publicly challenged Paul Anthony Stanton to a debate at the National Convention in Orlando, but we have not yet received a response of any kind,” said U.S. Senate Candidate, Augustus Sol Invictus. At a caucus of the Sixth Region of the Libertarian Party of Florida in Ocala last weekend, Stanton announced his “surprise” candidacy for U.S. Senate.

In his May 8 Fireside Chat on the Primary, Invictus called Stanton’s announcement speech “yellow journalism” and a “cheap shot” by an uninformed candidate. He said Stanton failed to research the Invictus campaign.

“I have said in countless speeches and interviews that the three main planks of my platform are ending the War on Drugs, implementing a non-interventionist foreign policy, and fixing the financial crisis,” he said. “Did Mr. Stanton think to research this before entering the race and trying to differentiate himself from our campaign by focusing on the same issues? Apparently not.”

Invictus said his opponent calls for an end to a non-existent eugenics programs in the United States. “This attempt at differentiation, again, demonstrates his total ignorance of his opponent’s campaign, as I have repeatedly stated that I do not advocate state-sponsored eugenics programs.”

Invictus said he has consistently advocated a non-interventionist foreign policy, and has condemned war unless it is waged in self-defense, yet his opponent appears unknowing. “Mr. Stanton called himself ‘the peace candidate’ citing his Army record and the horrors of war. While I thank Mr. Stanton for his service, I am obliged to point out the asininity of trying to make a not-so-subtle attempt at labeling me a warmonger.”

Invictus said: “I am looking forward to debating Mr. Stanton, whenever he feels himself prepared to do so, assuming he has the dignity to accept the invitation.”

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April 29, 2016


Orlando – New leadership and shared goals has prompted U.S. Senate Candidate, Augustus S. Invictus, to reconsider seeking Libertarian Party of Florida endorsement. “I never went through the selection process last year,” said Invictus. “I have refused to do so until now because the party was more interested in infighting than in doing constructive work.”

A ceasefire has been called, he said. “Now that the knives have been put down, I hope we can all work together.” As an official candidate, he said he can bring to the LPF disenfranchised voters.

“I am aiming not to steal away Bernie supporters or disaffected members of the GOP, but to recruit people who want actual change in America and are dissatisfied with the entire system,” added Invictus. “People who presently want nothing to do with the Party.” The criminal defense attorney said he is the candidate who takes an “unquestionable stand” against the current system.

“Everyone knows that I am not seeking to shift the Party to feel the Bern or to secretly push a Republican agenda,” he said. “I am trying to bring America back to its roots, which is something I hope the majority of Americans still believe in.”

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April 24, 2016


Orlando – Augustus Invictus, the Libertarian Party Candidate for U.S. Senate, said the Open Debate Coalition excluded him from an internet webcast debate scheduled for Mon. April 25. The debate is allegedly being held for U.S. Senate Candidates from the State of Florida, but only two candidates have been selected.

Since Sen. Marco Rubio vacated the seat to run for president last year, at least 15 candidates for U.S. Senate have emerged.

The Libertarian Party of Florida has approx. 27,000 members, yet the so-called open debate pretends the LPF does not exist, said Invictus. “The organizers only invited those with 15% or more in the polls.”

Who was polled, what questions were asked and which candidates were included, is unclear. “The campaign is fighting to be included,” said Invictus. “We cannot protest, because the location of the debate has not been disclosed.”

Democracy is stymied when candidates are left out, he said. “Voters benefit from all-inclusive debates because they can choose the candidate that actually represents the interests of the citizenry – not the special interests paying for the rigged polls.”

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April 6, 2016


Orlando – The LPF hosts its annual state Convention this weekend from April 8 through April 10 at the Holiday Inn Airport Conference Center in West Palm Beach. Independent of the Convention, Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate, Augustus Invictus, will be speaking to a private assembly on Friday evening at a non-disclosed location. Following the speech will be a performance by the band “Lovecrime”.

“The theme will be that of Malcolm X’s speech on the difference between the house Negro and the field Negro, making the point that many of our countrymen are quite happy being slaves to the system,” said Augustus Invictus. “Attendance will be by invitation only.”

On Saturday, April 9, Augustus Invictus is a glad sponsor of the LPF’s 1:00 pm luncheon, at which the Libertarian Presidential debate will take place. The Committee to Elect Augustus Invictus to the U.S. Senate will have promotional items available.

In comparison to the 2015 LPF Convention, this year Invictus said he hopes members will focus on improving the Party, and not on his position in the Party. “Last year’s mission was to show everyone that I was a real person and not the monster the former Chair had painted me to be. This year I am working to better the Party and to help it grow.”

Invictus said there have been positive changes for the good of the Party in the past year. “Many of the self-destructive elements of the Party have left since the last Convention. With a more constructive membership, intent on improvement, I think we will see some very beneficial developments.”

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March 5, 2016


Washington State, U.S.A. – On a speaking tour to the Northwest States and British Columbia, U.S. Senate Candidate Augustus Invictus was prevented from crossing the Canadian border for no legitimate reason. The candidate’s intention was to attend a scheduled speech in downtown Vancouver at Liberty Square on Friday, but the border agent did not believe him.

“Canadian Border Service then spent 3.5 hours investigating me,” said Invictus. “I was interrogated about my affiliation with neo-Nazis, about the charges of Fascism, and about allegations of racism.” They went so far as to order him to remove his shirt to search for tattoos with neo-Nazi symbols, which they did not find, he said.

“I was a politician traveling to give a speech and yet they treated me like a gang member trying to run guns across the border,” said Invictus. “They said that no good could come of my entry into the country because violence would certainly ensue.” The communists, who had already commenced a vicious protest against Invictus in Portland, Oregon earlier in the week, were the ones threatening violence, he said. “There is no question my expulsion from Canada was due to political reasons.”

Canadian officials did concede that Invictus was not being accused of threatening violence, however his mere presence would cause violence and that was enough to eject him. “So I was prevented from making a speech because communists made threats of violence against me — and that seems to me to be ass backward. Clearly the Canadian government values the right of violent protest for communists more than they value the right of free speech for all.”

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February 4, 2016


Orlando – Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate, Augustus Invictus, responds to ongoing standoff between Pacific Patriots Network defending their way of life versus the FBI defending their government. He calls the shooting death of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum last week during a road-block arrest “murder” by authorities, and he criticizes a bent media for exalting violence.

“The FBI has finally grown tired of the peaceful demonstration of the militiamen in Oregon,” he said. “They have outright murdered one and arrested seven others.” If we contrast the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum with the shooting death of Michael Brown, it is clear that whites (Oregon ranchers) and blacks (Black Lives Matter) are treated very differently, he said.

“How long were the Ferguson riots front page news all over the country?” asked Invictus. After Brown was fatally shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, MI in Aug. 2014, riots ensued nationwide for one year that included vandalism, looting, arson and gun-fire.

“Americans from coast-to-coast were outraged by the governments’ actions in Ferguson, and as America’s cities burned, the press became more and more vocal about the plight of the black community,” said Invictus. “The men in Oregon have burned nothing, have looted nothing, and have attacked no government agents.” It is shameful that many outlets covering the standoff that began on Jan. 9 are “liberal rags” that ridicule the honorable as clowns and refer to their cause to redress government, a joke.

Invictus said the FBI, who do not want a repeat of Waco or Ruby Ridge in the heat of a presidential election year, ought to tread lightly. “But this would not make them the Defenders of the Republic. If they want that title, then they should remove their FBI badges and join the Oregon militiamen.”

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January 28, 2016


Orlando – In spite of the obvious efforts in the Florida media to discount Libertarian Candidate, Augustus Invictus Campaign for U.S. Senate, Invictus said he will continue to pursue national and international exposure.

“It is no secret that the media blacks out third-party candidates. This is true in the Florida press just as it is in the national media. But having taken the national stage, the Florida media can no longer ignore our campaign. We intend to continue with this strategy until Election Day.”

Commencing in February, Invictus will travel to the Northwest States and British Columbia, where he will speak on the common struggle of Americans and Canadians as Westerners. Thereafter, Invictus is scheduled to make presentations in Toronto, Atlanta, and Burns, Tennessee, among other cities where he will be speaking about politics and modern Paganism.

“Of course we will continue with Florida speaking engagements. We plan to hit Tampa, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Miami and Palm Beach all in early– to mid–May”

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December 19, 2015


Orlando – Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate from Florida, Augustus Invictus, will be in Hillsborough County on Wednesday, December 23 celebrating the holiday season with his campaign volunteers and friends. ALL are invited.

Details: 8:00PM at Buckets Tavern & Tap, located at 4535 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, Florida 33624

“No speeches, no risk of the FBI kicking in the door, no barroom brawls or riots. Just a good old-fashioned mingler. Everyone download Uber to your phone and get ready to drink. Celebrate Yule, Christmas, and the Winter Solstice with short skirts, political pamphlets, and beer.”

For Immediate Release

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December 12, 2015


Orlando – Candidate for U.S. Senate 2016, Augustus Invictus, said he has submitted his name for consideration for the position of Secretary in the Libertarian Party of Florida for the good of the Party.

“The people of our State have lost all faith in the Libertarian Party of Florida; even the members have become disillusioned with their own Party,” he said. “If the point of a political party is to organize effectively and to run candidates for public office, then the LPF has failed, and the leadership is responsible.”

A qualified Secretary demands organization, dedication, and persistence, which he said provides stability for the Executive Committee and the entire Party.  “I have developed these qualities in being a paralegal, a notary public, a law clerk, and an attorney, and I have demonstrated these qualities in managing my law firm and in running for federal office.”

According to the LPF 2014 bylaws, the Secretary shall serve as recorder for all party meetings, conventions, and Executive Committee. The Secretary shall be the custodian of the minutes of all meetings, correspondence, committee reports, and the Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules, and shall make provision for legal service to the LPF. The Secretary shall also serve as the Secretary of Membership Committee, and shall be responsible for maintaining party membership records.

“I will do my utmost to push the Party forward, to make the Party more inclusive and more welcoming to new members, and to help the Party to become a real force in Floridian politics,” said Invictus. “This begins with creating a stable foundation, which responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of the Secretary.”

Invictus, who also serves as Secretary to the Libertarian Party of Orange County, urges supporters who are Floridians to register as Libertarians – immediately.  “This is the first step in growing this Party.”

For Immediate Release

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November 17, 2015


Tampa – U.S. Senate Candidate, Augustus Sol Invictus, will be a guest speaker on Sat. Nov. 21 at The Young Americans for Liberty-sponsored event at the University of South Florida in Tampa. The forum, which includes other speakers from the Libertarian and the Republican parties, is from Noon to 4pm in the Marshall Student Center, 4103 USF Cedar Drive, room 2709.

“The lecture will argue that the choice between absolute economic opportunity and absolute economic equality is a false one and that capitalism and communism are not so much warring camps as they are two sides of the same coin, much like Republicans and Democrats, business owners and philanthropists, cops and gangsters,” said Invictus.

This will not be the usual Libertarian presentation, he said. “If people don’t look critically at capitalism, it is not different than the religious dogma they accuse communists of embracing.” He said history shows virulent opposition to the false dichotomy of both capitalism and socialism.

“Throughout the Cold War, the struggle between capitalism and communism so dominated the globe that anyone who did not choose one of these two economic systems became part of the Third World,” he said. “Today we see neo-reactionaries, anarchists, and many other third rail groups rejecting the false dichotomy of capitalism and communism even in the face of political non-existence.”

Invictus said, “I will consider the definitions and philosophical roots of capitalism and socialism, as well as its expressions in modern American political culture. But it will also address their main similarity: the reduction of the human experience to monetary value.”

(The event is free to attend, and you may register here.)

For Immediate Release

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November 5, 2015


Orlando – U.S. Senate Candidate Augustus Sol Invictus said he refuses to participate with a publication that has no journalistic integrity. After The Daily Beast posted a hit piece on Invictus, he said he declined an interview request from Senior Correspondent James Joiner.

“Their publication is exactly the sort of media outlet that is responsible for the decline of the political culture in America,” he said. “In their drive to increase their profit margin and expand their readership, The Daily Beast sells the most outrageous, divisive, hateful headlines possible.”

Invictus said they do this to maintain their base of loyal “garbage guzzlers” who speak garbage language. “Rather than lift the political culture up, they descend to its level,” he said. “They are not journalists: they are tabloid reporters.”

While he realizes that politicians are desperate for press, who will often suffer the greatest humiliation to have their names in print and their faces on camera, he said he is not that kind of politician.

“I will not get on my knees and lick the boots of pigs for more votes, and I will not subject myself to whatever ‘Florida Man’ mockumentary series they have brewing amongst their smug, suburban pseudo-reporters.”

Nevertheless in an email reply, Invictus thanked the Editor of The Daily Beast, John Avlon, for helping to make him famous. “I have more press coverage now than any Libertarian in America with the exception of Ron Paul, and all because yellow journalists wanted to make fun of my religion.”

The email reply can be read here.

For Immediate Release

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November 3, 2015


West Palm Beach – On Sun. Nov. 8 at 1pm, citizens against police brutality will gather at the Palm Beach Gardens Police Dept. located at 10500 N. Military Trail to demand justice for Corey Jones, a 31 year old black male, who was shot and killed by undercover police officer, Nouman Raja on Oct. 18. U.S. Senate Candidate Augustus Sol Invictus said he is honored to be invited to speak.

“The War on Drugs has been the greatest contributing factor to the rise of the police state in this country,” said Invictus. “I consider the end of the police state and the termination of the War on Drugs to be two of my greatest priorities when elected to the United States Senate.”

Gergo Hades, founder of South Florida Cop Watch, said supporting candidates who have the courage to speak out against police corruption furthers our goal of safeguarding not just our rights, but those of future generations.

“At the end of the day, public officials are the ones who have the power to change laws,” he said. “All an average citizen can do is vote, call, and petition, but a senator can make the change.”

Invictus said Jones was ambushed by an armed stranger who happened to be a police officer while he was sitting in his car waiting for roadside assistance. According to the official police report, he said Jones was approached by a “regular guy” in street clothes before he was fired upon six times. “Any ordinary citizen in America would be arrested for murder on those facts – but because he was a cop, Raja is on paid leave right now.”

With 999 citizens killed by police since Jan. 1 to date, Invictus said this shows a pattern of lawlessness. “We have been watching the rise of a police state in America, and this is the fruit of it,” he said. “More people have been killed by police this year alone than by so-called domestic terrorists in the past ten years.”

The organizers of the event are Anonymous Florida, Anonymous Palm Beach, Anonymous Miami, South Florida Cop Watch, Occupy Port Saint Lucie, Convicted Cops Organization, Florida Ferguson Response, Million March Against Police Brutality, and a few local churches.

For Immediate Release

Contact: Raquel Okyay (813) 445-1659,

November 1, 2015


Tallahassee – Director of Legal Affairs at Regulate Florida and the first Libertarian Candidate for FL Attorney General in 2014, William “Bill” Wohlsifer said even before the so-called Libertarians were “throwing Augustus under the bus” and Adrian Wylie resigned as state chairman, he donated to Augustus Sol Invictus for U.S. Senate campaign.

“Candidate Invictus has taken a lot of heat and he did so like a gentleman,” he said. “I am proud to throw some support toward his campaign, hoping that after the Libertarians get out of his religion, his writings, private life, and all those other things protected by the First and Fourth Amendments, we get a chance to hear what he has to say when not being put to the defense.”

Wohlsifer said the unfortunate way Invictus was treated was one of the reasons he left the Libertarian Party of Florida and registered with no party affiliation. Regulate Florida seeks a practical and enforceable framework for adult use of marijuana through a program of regulation and education.

“The leadership of the LPF has been attempting to marginalize me and my campaign from the very beginning,” said Invictus. “At first, Adrian Wylie took to mocking my religion and my poetry recitations like a schoolyard bully. When that didn’t work, the leadership tried to ignore me and paint the picture of an inconsequential boy running a moribund campaign.”

Invictus said when the LPF could no longer pretend that his campaign was without support, they tried to have him expelled from the Party and condemned him to the media. “The ironic part is that Wylie justified his crusade against me by saying that once the media became aware of my campaign and my colorful background, it would destroy the Libertarian Party – and then he was the one who made sure the media became aware of it after he resigned.”

Caren H. Smith, an active member of the LPF, said organizers ignored Invictus at the party’s convention in May by purposefully leaving him out of its poll for U.S. Senate. Instead they promoted someone who was not a true candidate, she said. “The only filed candidate was Augustus Sol Invictus – I know – I checked.”

Smith said she was livid Wylie devalued the county chair by demonizing Invictus without any hard facts and without a legitimate reason to shun him. “Adrian Wylie filed a threatening motion saying either we agree with him or he’s resigning as chair.” Since the party did not agree with him, Wylie resigned, she said.

“Adrian Wylie asked me to trust him and follow along but that’s not what Libertarians do,” said Smith. “I’m supposed to question the leadership, not just follow the leader.”

For Immediate Release

Contact: Raquel Okyay (813) 445-1659,

October 23, 2015


​In over 6,000 publications, on cable news, talk shows, and social media, the media is criticizing U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Sol Invictus for performing his religious rites. “I think it’s wonderful that an offering of thanksgiving was what landed this campaign on the national stage.”

Invictus, who is a practicing pagan among 600,000 practicing pagans in the state of Florida, said in contrast there are less than 200,000 practicing Muslims. “This is strange, when Ben Carson had the nerve to say a Muslim should not run for president, the PC press went crazy – and yet where were they for me?” While much of the coverage about Invictus contains religious bigotry, he said the exposure to his campaign is worthwhile.

“Many politicians gain recognition for their hypocrisy or sex scandals or some odious piece of legislation,” he said. “I was lucky enough to break out with a story about religious devotion.”

Invictus was given his name “Augustus Sol Invictus” which translates to “Majestic Unconquered Sun” in a religious initiation. “As concern the details of that initiation, I am sworn to secrecy, but I can tell you about my reasons for changing my legal name,” said Invictus. In the same way a Catholic takes on a new name when they are confirmed in the Church for religious purposes without changing their name legally, in Thelema it is the same, he said.

“Many practitioners take a new name or ‘motto’ with each initiation they undergo, yet no one ever changes their legal name to the name they take or are given in their initiations,” he said. “I did, because I wanted there to be no division between my private, religious life and my public, mundane life.”

Invictus said most of the media coverage amounted to childish smears. “I do not think any other candidate for national office has ever been treated this way.” Nonetheless, he said the public is invited to inquire within for further information concerning his campaign and his policy positions – directly. “I couldn’t have asked for more, even if the stories were a bit slanted.”

For Immediate Release

Contact: Raquel Okyay (813) 445-1659,

October 20, 2015


Orlando – U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Sol Invictus said his opponent in this race, Florida Rep. Alan Mark Grayson, might think he is “having fun” but there is nothing funny about being a hypocrite and further, a religious bigot.

“It is disconcerting that a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate would feel so free to denigrate a religious minority while pretending to value religious liberty,” said Invictus. “It is shocking that a Jew would be so willing to engage in blood libel, however more shocking still is that a candidate for public office would stoop so low to attack the religious rites of an opponent.”

The First Amendment is not just for the religious-elite, rather it is unalienable for us all, he said. “If I were Catholic, Grayson would not dare criticize me for eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the Christ every Sunday.”

For Immediate Release

Contact: Raquel Okyay (813) 445-1659,

October 12, 2015


Orlando – U.S. Senate candidate, Augustus Invictus, said there is enormous pressure from inside the Libertarian Party to be detached from his campaign. “They value the tactics of blacklisting and censoring over free speech and debate.”

After attending by phone conference an Executive Committee meeting with the LPF last week, Invictus decided not to submit himself to the selection committee for review, agreeing that he had not been vetted and was not a certified candidate.

The EC and Invictus had agreed to report “just the facts” to the press, yet instead LPF publicly condemned him."The EC already knows that I did not call for civil war or violence nor did I call for a government eugenics program or state-sponsored murder,” said Invictus. “That is why my membership was not suspended.” The entire phone conference can be heard here:

“I have repeatedly disavowed eugenics,” said Invictus. “Several members of LPF insist on repeating a known falsehood.” He said it is obvious that the Party’s condemnation has nothing to do with civil war or eugenics; it has to do with an agenda of scare tactics having little to do with the truth.

“This is all because of the fear of those on the Executive Committee that not condemning me to the media might make them guilty by association; which is fitting, considering the claim of the pro-Wylie faction that I am a racist because of the clients I have represented in court,” he said. Adrian Wylie stepped down as chair of the LPF two weeks ago.

“I do hope that the new chair will correct this mistake, lest America see the Libertarian Party as an organization that throws its own candidates under the bus whenever the media hits too hard,” said Invictus. “I find it appalling that an organization claiming to value freedom of religion has allowed a media scandal to drive them into a panic.”

*    *    *    *

Augustus Sol Invictus is a candidate for the United States Senate from Orlando, Florida. Best known as a radical philosopher and infamous social critic, he is Managing Partner of Imperium, P.A. Since becoming an attorney, Augustus has worked to defend those who have become collateral damage of America’s two longest-running wars: the War on Drugs and the War on Terror.

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