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Drug War

The War on Drugs is a failure and an embarrassment. It is a failure, not because the cartels have won, but because it is not the Government’s role to regulate vice. It is an embarrassment, not because the American people continue to consume drugs, but because we have spent countless billions of dollars trying to cure the world of substances once revered by our ancestors. It is not crime, but an obsession with vice, that has destroyed the community of our country. We must repeal the Controlled Substances Act, abolish the Drug Enforcement Administration, and stop militarizing the police against its own citizens in the name of morality.

Foreign Policy

For the past hundred years, the United States has involved itself in the wars of the world, justifying its greed with dubious talk of peace and brotherhood. Our Government has assumed the mantle of the world’s policeman, dedicated to interfering with the Governments of other nations in other parts of the globe. This has cost us an extraordinary amount of American lives, countless trillions of dollars, and untold embarrassment. We must embrace a policy of non-intervention without becoming isolationist; we must lead the world without becoming the monsters we swore to fight; we must decline to waste billions of dollars protecting reckless allies and laying waste to sovereign countries in the name of humanity.

Sound Monetary Policy

Spending by the Federal Government has been out of control for generations. If we are to avoid a total collapse, we must make drastic changes to the federal financial structure. We must balance the budget; shrink the size of the Government; cease reckless Government spending; deregulate American businesses. We must repeal the individual income tax, abolish the Internal Revenue Service, and recreate the tax code so that the American people can understand what they are being asked to pay to their Government.

Civil Liberties

Whether an American marries a member of the same sex or of the opposite sex is not the concern of the Government. Whether an American speaks with his wife or his mistress is not the concern of the NSA. Whether an American consumes alcohol or marijuana is not the concern of the DEA. Whether an American owns one firearm or three is not the concern of the ATF. We must restore our civil liberties and limit the power of the Government to interfere with the private affairs of our citizens.


“One-size-fits-all” education standards set by a central authority are harmful to both the most gifted and most challenged children. Programs such as No Child Left Behind and Common Core overemphasize standardized testing at the expense of individual exploration and classical scholarship. Strict standards also encourage administrative bloat, which raises the cost of education with little benefit to the students. We believe education should not be regulated at the federal level and should instead be handled at the State and local levels.


Economic freedom does not necessitate the destruction of the environment. America can be productive & powerful without polluting the air, water, and soil. The freedom of Americans to pursue their business interests should not mean that we can no longer drink our own water. And where urban sprawl may threaten our American Wilderness, there we must decide which we cherish more: strip malls or our children’s heritage.


America must become independent of the need for foreign energy. Aside from the economic cost of our dependence on foreign energy, it involves us in endless, unnecessary wars. Whether the consideration is economic or military, domestic or foreign policy, we must find alternative sources of energy.

Non-Aggression Principle

John Locke write in his Second Treatise of Government that, “Being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.” Thinkers and philosophers have proposed numerous variations of the non-aggression principle for thousands of years – from Lao Tzu to the Christ himself. Wes Benedict, executive director of the Libertarian National Committee, has summarized the concept rather succinctly: “Don’t hit people and don’t take their stuff.”


You will not find a single American who believes that our immigration system works, whether they are on the Left or the Right. We need to have a more efficient system in place so that legitimate immigrants are not deterred and illegal immigrants are not canonized as hallowed martyrs. More importantly, we must end mass immigration if we are to avoid total societal collapse. Immigration does play a role in the American identity, but mass immigration heralds the fall of entire civilizations. Open borders, amnesty to illegal immigrants, and the recruitment of refugees: these are suicidal policies that must be ended.

Net Neutrality

While we recognize the danger of a corporate-controlled internet, the fact remains that the current FCC regulations only further cement that control by shifting it from ISPs to the video-streaming services that reap a disproportionate benefit from them. The root of the problem lies with government subsidies to large ISPs and local ordinances that create last-mile monopolies.


The notion that we as Americans must choose between strict regulation and a lack of corporate accountability is a false dichotomy. We recognize that dangerous drugs have slipped through FDA screening and made it into public hands, but we also acknowledge that potentially life-saving medications are being kept off the market longer than necessary due to bureaucratic red tape. The solution to this problem is corporate social responsibility, which demands a higher degree of accountability to the consumers themselves, rather than to a single regulatory agency.


The federal government does not have the authority to regulate individual matters of health and safety. Issues like abortion should be handled at the State level, and we would oppose any federal legislation regarding them.

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